Children's Playground and sports equipment

Values of children's and sports spaces

Like the Roman architect-mechanic Vitruvius, we distinguish three basic principles: benefit, strength, beauty. The child learns this world through play, and when play promotes mental and physical development, interaction with peers - this leads to the formation of a happier and healthier society. Also under use, we mean caring about the environment because many of the materials are recycled raw materials.

As far as durability is concerned, all elements are made of the highest quality materials, which allows manufacturers to give a lifetime warranty on the operation of products, and safe and durable sites - the key to a successful facility. The design offers both immortal classics and amazing innovations, so that you can easily choose a unique solution that will spur curiosity, inspire children , promote their development and complement the architectural image of the place.

Games is more than just entertainment. They help children develop physically, feel their opportunities, be more confident and, of course, make new friends.

Benito children's and sports equipment

BENITO (Spain) - manufacturer of urban furniture (benches, urns, flowerpots, drinking fountains), enclosing pillars, hatch covers, as well as gaming and sports equipment and lighting. The manufacturer is located in Barcelona.

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Children's and sports equipment Proludic

PROLUDIC (France). One of the most reputable manufacturers of children's and sports equipment in Europe. It has a distinctive wide range of unique game elements for rotation and coordination, street built-in trampolines, a variety of options for sports grounds and much more. The manufacturer is located in France.

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KOMPAN baby equipment

KOMPAN (Denmark). Producer of children's and sports equipment №1 in the world. KOMPAN play Institute is an international network of specialists in games and work with children, who monitor how various trends in society affect the development and game models of children of different age groups. The manufacturer is located in Czech Republic.

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Rainbow baby equipment

RAINBOW (USA). Wooden game complexes are made of California Redwood, produced in the USA and have a classic design.

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